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Jackson + Rye - Soho

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Jackson + Rye - Soho
56 Wardour Street, Soho
London W1D 4JG

Menüden Seçtiklerimiz



Brisket Croquettes

horseradish, crème fraîche and pickled red cabbage
4,75 £

Beef Carpaccio

seared fillet, walnut and celery salsa, garlic aioli and shaved Parmesan
9,25 £

Jumbo Shrimp

succulent shrimp with American cocktail sauce 1/2 dozen
8,95 £

Ana Yemekler


Well marbled, thin texture and delicate flavour. Recommended medium to rare
14,75 £

Seabass Fillets

samphire, brown shrimps and crab butter
17,50 £

King Prawn Linguine

courgette, capers, garlic, chili and rocket
13,95 £


Chocolate Fondant

warm chocolate fondant and salted caramel ice-cream
6,25 £

Melting Chocolate Sundae

vanilla ice cream, chocolate brownie with butterscotch sauce
6,95 £

Fine Apple Tart

crisp puff pastry with layered sliced apple and calvados ice-cream
6,95 £
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Jackson + Rye - Soho hakkında 810 değerlendirme

810 değerlendirme
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Maxine H.14 gün önce · 1 değerlendirme

Fantastic brunch and excellent service! Avocado royale was delicious and mimosas were yummy. My friends had the forager and the avocado benedict, which were both to an excellent standard. Would definitely recommend!

Lucy M.18 gün önce · 1 değerlendirme

Great restaurant, came on 28th April, loved it and came back on 5th May. Shame I live in Cambridge and can't come every week. Amazing food and drinks and good prices.

Lori B.18 gün önce · 1 değerlendirme

Excellent food. We had brunch which was delicious. I didn’t really see it as American though, The standard brunch dishes were not present. It didn’t matter because the food was so good. Service was fine.

Tasha Z.23 gün önce · 1 değerlendirme

Pleasantly surprised by a recent visit for brunch. Our waitress was lovely. It was busy but never felt too busy and all our food was really good. Thumbs up. We all said we'd go back there for brunch as it's such a handy location and decently priced.

Carolina M.2 yıl önce · 1 değerlendirme

This was probably my fifth or sixth time at this restaurant... if not more, so I'd say I like this place quite a bit. I find it very difficult to find a good American brunch place in London and Jackson + Rye ticks most of the boxes - the food is very good, the place has a good vibe and for most of the time, the service is fine. Unfortunately, today was a bit of an exception. We ordered an appetiser and two salads for mains. The food took forever to come, and when it did, it was all at once. Food was delicious as usual - the polenta hushpopies were a creamy delight and the ricotta and avocado salad was probably a touch more acidic than usual, but nothing that would make it inedible. After we were done eating, we ordered a couple of macchiatos. Twenty minutes later and my caffeine addiction still hadn't been satisfied. I asked the waitress for our coffees and she goes to the bar and comes back with one large coffee. I explain we had ordered two macchiatos and she said there weren't clean cups to fulfill our order, which was very odd. She asks whether we wanted to wait or cancel the order and we chose the latter. We then try to call any waiter's attention to order the check with no luck. Miraculously, somebody brings over our two macchiatos. We then have to wait another 15 minutes for somebody to look at us and ask for the check. I took my card to pay right away, but I had to wait another ten minutes for somebody to come with a machine. I really do like this restaurant, but I feel like over time the quality in service has decreased which has made me a little bit hesitant about recommending it to people. I do feel bad for the waiters as I think the restaurant is very understaffed and they end up with the brunt of it. However, as a customer I've grown increasingly dissatisfied with how I was served at Jackson + Rye. They should definitely look into hiring a few more people to take care of the demand.

Ray C.2 yıl önce · 3 değerlendirme

Met a friend for lunch at J and R. Surprised to find the restaurant only half full at 13.30. But no matter, we ordered drinks, a spritzer and a bloody mary. The Bloody Mary was served in a half pint mug and was a little watery for my liking. Perhaps just too much ice as it was spicy and pleasant. I ordered crispy chorizo and prawns as a starter, my friend did not want a starter. We both ordered burgers, with different accompaments. Problem was we seemed to wait ages for the food - even though the place had not got any busier. Then the food arrived - but all together - starter and mains! So the mains were returned and we were assured that they would be re-cooked, not re-heated. The prawns/chorizo dish was excellent - although only four for £7.50. The burgers were also excellent, served with gherkin, tomato, lettuce, onion, mayo and fries. I ordered a glass of Cote du Rhone, which was certainly not Cote du Rhone. When i asked for a second glass and pointed out that i did n ot believe the first glass was Cote du Rhone, they apologised and then brought what almost certainly Was Cote du Rhone. Maybe they thought i would not know the difference!?? Service was a bit inconsistent, and niggly things like the food all arriving at once and the wine issue clouded things a bit. But for all that, the food was very good. Would go back, but would hope the service would improve.

Louise M.2 yıl önce · 1 değerlendirme

This was our first visit at Jackson + Rye in Soho, which we have chosen for a meal before heading to Ronnie Scotts. It's probably fair to say we were unlucky with the waiter - his manner was brisk, he didn't know the menu (or that there was an extended list of drinks) and did not fully advise us on dishes we were ordering! They have run out of one of the whisky's listed on the main menu and decaff coffee. However, the food and cocktails were delicious, we really liked the ambient and we had a nice time overall.

Lucy S.9 ay önce · 3 değerlendirme

Came for brunch with two friends, we were seated upstairs in the main body of the restaurant. Our waiter was friendly but quite forgetful and slow - we had to keep asking him for very simple things (i.e. tap water or condiments) and he seemed sort of confused when we asked him again, like we hadn't already. The restaurant was not particularly busy so I'm not sure why some things took so long. The food was good but not as good as when I came before. I had the eggs benedict this time, which were not very warm and were quite expensive given the size of the portion - the banana pancakes I had last time were much better. I also had the maple slab bacon which was not warm enough either. The coffee, like last time, was of good quality but was also not warm enough. I would come here again because I know it can be better than this, but I will definitely ask for my coffee to be hotter!

Richard M.3 ay önce · 16 değerlendirme

A nice meal overall. The menu has changed since we last ate here and has a smaller choice of dishes which in our opinion is a good thing. Steaks were cooked perfectly to each of our requirements although there was some confusion as to which was which even though they have a system to identify them with wooden sticks. Service was friendly and our main waiter was very attentive. One thing which let the meal down was the “truffle Bearnaise sauce” which was just Bearnaise and had not been near any truffle (or even truffle flavouring). We mentioned this on the night and were told they would tell the chef however we didn’t hear any more about it and even though we complained about it, it was still on the bill.

Rachele D.bir yıl önce · 2 değerlendirme

My friend and I went to Jackson + Rye for Saturday brunch. Great service all round the clock! Delicious caramelized banana pancakes, those are a must have, my friend really enjoyed her avocado eggs. Only thing that could have been better was the farmers' breakfast plate: needed a little more work on the meat pattie. Overall, highly recommended and will definitely go back again soon!

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